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Thread: Airbrush and canvas settings?

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    Airbrush and canvas settings?

    First, I am a beginner in digital painting, so forgive me if this a dumb question :-)

    Ok, lets go:
    In real life artists use a special kind of paper when they work with airbrush. Something like this here:

    I think they do because the airbrush colors behave and look best on this kind of paper.
    But what about the digital world? In ArtRage you have many different canvas types and settings. So, which of them works best when you work with the airbrush in ArtRage? Or does this not matter at all in the digital world?

    I ask this, because I like the airbrush very much and I use it mostly in my paintings. So, I want to get the best of it, of course.

    Thanks for your answers,


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    Turn off the lighting

    I guess the canvas lighting has to be turned off. That way the canvas will be all white (R255, B 255, G255) from corner to corner.

    The texture does not matter, but if you want to lower the grain to a minimum, it will look as smooth as the best airbrush carton. When I was airbrush painting IRL I almost always used 2mm hardened Masionite board, primed and gessoed and sandpapered to a very smooth surface. I used acrylic inks and the result was extraordinary. Sometimes I also used rough sandpapered aliminium, acrylic glass and wood (all primed with acrylic varnish) with good result. Think of cars, surfboards, longboards and such, they all got great surfaces for airbrushing. Graffitti painting is also kind of airbrush, mostly on concrete, brick walls or steel...

    But for just illustration on computer; a smooth all white (R255, B 255, G255) surface is the best I guess. Lighting turned off.
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    Thanks for the answer!

    I have already played around with canvas settings and grain, but I did not think about the canvas lightning. I will try that. Thanks!

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