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Thread: Interesting Times

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    Interesting Times

    I know this isn't going to be in the same league as the new Cintiq but for us mere mortals there's going to be some interesting options soon as the manufactures jump on the band wagon. An 18 or 20 inch IPad anyone?

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    Nice. Alas they're PC and all my software is Mac.

    I'm still liking the promise of the iPen2. The cost for the iPen1 on Amazon is not counting shipping if any $120 USD. I will wait for the iPen2 which is coming out around July this year if the price isn't nutso. That's barely in the dabble range for the promise of artistic comfort that it holds out.

    I would love to be able to put paint directly onto the place it's going as opposed to aiming away from the screen as with tablets. It's one of those lingering 'what if's' for me. Would it be like the old traditional way of painting with all the bells and whistles of digital. And it would work on the laptop or desktop I believe.

    This item you mention here is pretty cool tho, F-P. If you get one, please let us know how you like it.
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    I want one. I've got a 12.1 HP Notepad tablet and it would be great to get a larger one. More toys!

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    very nice BUT to much $$ for my wallet

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