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Thread: How can one make Your Art or Photo into a real Puzzle ?

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    Question How can one make Your Art or Photo into a real Puzzle ?

    I am assuming children still like puzzles..

    Why not make one from your artwork or a photo in ArtRage?

    Anyone know how this can be done? Beginning to a finished product.

    Perhaps you can make a stencil for overlay to draw the lines on the image.....that's my starting idea. BUT how could you place it on cardboard?

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I think this would make a great gift for of all ages. lol We do like our toys don't we.

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    Hi Bobbyray,

    I know this is not what you are asking for but you could also go for a digital puzzle. There are plenty of free programs out there (at least for PC's, maybe also for Macs) that let you transform any picture into a puzzle. Then you can just drag the pieces with a mouse, stylus or finger. A while ago, I used the freeware "Astra Gift Maker" with my little cousin and he had a blast trying to solve the puzzles by dragging the pieces on my Tablet PC. Best of all with this program, you can edit the congratulations message that pops up when the puzzle is solved.

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    You should be able to locate a number of sites online that can create a puzzle from your images and send them to you (like this one: I think I've also seen printable puzzle sheets at Walmart before.

    Making them from scratch will probably be somewhat of a challenge, I believe. I did a quick search of a couple DIY sites I like to visit, but I didn't find anything that met my expectations for a true jigsaw puzzle (aside from a wooden version, that required a jigsaw to cut it and had large pieces). If I were going to attempt it, using my home printer and items I could easily buy and afford, I'd probably try fixing the printed image onto foam core board and then figure out the best method of cutting puzzle pieces into the board. It's been a while since I've used foam core board, but I'm wondering if cookie cutters would be enough to split it? Just some random thoughts on it...
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