Hi all,

Welcome to the ArtRage forums and Congratulations on becoming a Total Rager too. Just so you are aware of what else is here to assist you besides all of the forums and new friends;

We have our own magazine called ArtRageus Magazine and it is solely dedicated to you, about you the artist and ArtRage. It is all FREE.

As a new Rager, you can be included if you want to be. We accept submissions, we don't have time to ask you personally but do encourage you to submit your art and stories. This is our 4th year of ArtRageus Magazine. All back Issues are available.

All details and information is available here: www.artrageus.net
Here are the sections:

Artist Portal ........... 1 painting per issue.
Artist Challenge ...... see the calendar of events. 1 submission per Issue.
Articles..Stories ...... Your story/article See guidelines.
Rager bookshelf ...... Promote your new book

We offer YOU: (free)

The opportunity to get your art or story published.....for free.
ArtRage Tutorials Book
Art Supplies Book
Pro Art Contest ....... Prizes and cash awards see guidelines
Webinar ................ ArtRage 4 by Stephen Burns May 22, 2013 sign up today. 2 1/2 hours $19.99
All Back Issues downloads in pdf or Flip page magazine versions.

We are now on facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artra...2710708?ref=hl

We are on Twitter and our website is at www.artrageus.net