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Thread: Is there a sketchbook style ellipse?

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    Is there a sketchbook style ellipse?

    I am torn between these two programs for two little reasons.

    Artrage lets you shade with a pencil by changing angle, meanwhile Sketchbook has an ellipse that will ONLY allow you to draw along the borders of it.

    With the stencils in artrage I can be crooked just like I can in real life..

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    The stencils in ArtRage can be stretched so that a circle stencil can be made into different ellipse sizes and the Guide and Ruler mode will allow you to trace the edge of a stencil (right click on any stencil, to select either mode for it). The Ruler mode only allows the edge of stroke that isn't over the stencil itself to be set down (so any part of the paint that runs over the stencil is masked off). The Guide mode allows for the strokes paint to bleed through (so no masking).
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