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Thread: Creating and using palettes from

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    Mar 2013

    Creating and using palettes from

    I don't know whether the following is helpful for anyone of you - for me it is.
    When I paint with artrage I often need several shades of one colour, and I need to see them in a bigger size. When you go to you can create your own palettes and then make a screenshot of them. The result looks like this:
    Name:  blue_palette.jpg
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    I've done this palette rather quickly, so it has to be improved. But I think I can show how it works. When you're satisfied with your palette, you can take a screenshot of it (I use hardcopy for that), import it as reference photo and work with the colourpicker.

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    This is very helpful to me! Thank you.

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    Thank you for the information and I think it will be a real help in getting a range of the more subtle hues. It should help to bring an increase in colour depth to works.

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