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Thread: Going retro/collector

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    Going retro/collector

    So I have an odd question that I suppose only a member of the AR team can answer. (here comes the prologue to make it seem less odd)

    I absolutely love ArtRage, I got ArtRage Studio with my first tablet a few months ago and quickly upgraded to ArtRage Studio Pro. I also happened to be lucky enough to upgrade within the grace period to receive a free upgrade to ArtRage 4. I've gone so far as to put ArtRage on all my devices, the only current version of this program that I don't own is the iPad version because I do not yet have an iPad. I am, oddly enough, disappointed that I missed my chance to obtain a copy of ArtRage 2. Why I want the retro version is simply because I love this program so much that I want to know just how far it has come, and maybe even have a spare copy or two if a friend or family member wants to try it out.

    So the question that that short paragraph was leading up to is: Can I obtain a copy of ArtRage 2 still? And if so, how?

    Note, I do already own the current version of ArtRage and merely want to, in a sense, collect all the versions.

    (Gotta install 'em all!")

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    Ya know, after seeing this thread I decided to give AR2.5 a whirl.
    I haven't opened it for ages - making the erroneous assumption that it was kind of redundant now, after the new feature-filled AR4.

    But I was so pleasantly surprised!
    Its rather like riding a bicycle after youve gotten used to driving a car. The simplicity of the UI is delightful but still has such powerful tools which makes it fun to ride.
    I'm not sure if its correct in saying so, but the tools behave quite differently in AR2.5 compared to the same tools in the other versions.
    Therefore one version of AR doesn't replace the other.

    There may be a good marketing reason why the older AR2.5 is not available, but I am so glad that I have it!
    I think I prefer basic sketching and oil painting/blending in AR2.5 - they feel quite different and more 'realistic' in here.

    Just to add that I am just as pleased to have both the other versions... as each offer something different to the AR experience.
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    Ah, now that makes me want it even more xI

    I'm also glad to be owning AR Studio and Studio Pro as well as AR 4 AND the iPhone version.

    Hearing how different AR 2.5 is I'm rather disappointed in myself for not buying it while it was still available. I hope it is still possible to get a copy legitimately in some way.

    An Admin's input would be greatly appreciated.

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