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Thread: Is it normal or do I have hallucinations?

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    Is it normal or do I have hallucinations?

    Is it normal or do I have hallucinations?

    Before, when I used AR3 PRO, I had the impression the canvass was downloaded with the desired size.

    For example, when a canvass with a 75% zoom was downloaded, I found my canvass with that zoom when I opened again the file.

    AR4 do the same thing, so perhaps it is normal… perhaps I am wrong ! What do you thnk about that zoom problem?
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    I'm pretty sure the canvas is supposed to open and fill the screen on both versions.

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    When you open a file ArtRage attempts to fit it to the available window space, so if the painting is larger than the window, it zooms out. Zooming doesn't damage the pixels however, so you can zoom it back to whatever percentage you want without causing any loss of quality.
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