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Thread: Canvas Size help please

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    Canvas Size help please

    I love DeviantART and i have a page there, but i draw in pencil alot, scan in, and upload, I have Artrage 4, but woundering on the sizes to make pictures because i want to get into digital art, so bad and deviantART has a faq132 page which shows sizes in pix, this is the page,
    great but when i go higher than 3500 x 3000 12 x 18 at 300dpi the program crashes and closes. is there a size
    which is good, ive looked at a few sizes which people have said also and it still crashes.
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    If there is a crash like this it usually relates to memory. The size you're looking at (3600 x 5400 if it's 12 x 18 at 300dpi) is pretty large but should be doable unless you are using lots of layers with lots of contents. Creating the paintings at lower resolution may help or if your computer doesn't have much RAM making sure to close other applications before starting may help. If the crashes persist please drop an email to and let us know the details of your computer and at what point the crashes occur and we can look in to it in more detail.
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