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Thread: Bug report: "Open recent file" via taskbar fails due to 'check for updates' dialog

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    Unhappy Bug report: "Open recent file" via taskbar fails due to 'check for updates' dialog

    Windows 7, Artrage 4.

    1. Right click on the Artrage icon on the taskbar, select a recent file
    2. Artrage attempts to start up but first flashes a 'check for updates buton'
    3. Click either yes or no
    4. A blank canvas shows up instead of the file I was trying to open!
    5. Repeat Step 1, this time the file is successfully opened

    I suspect opening the file directly works just fine (even with a 'check for updates' alert), but I heavily rely on the the highly useful right-click shortcut -> open recent file option for efficiency.

    Can't remember if this worked in Artrage 3.5, I think it did.
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    ArtRage 3 did the same thing. In order to avoid dialog conflicts we prevent the opening of files directly when the Check for Updates dialog shows. That dialog should only show once a week if the auto update system is turned on however. If it's showing more than that then the settings file may not be saving correctly. If you see the check for updates dialog appearing more regularly please drop a note to and we can look in to it for you.
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