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Thread: Just a quick question about upgrading.

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    Just a quick question about upgrading.

    I wanted to upgrade my account and I went through the motions, but I never received any kind of confirmation as to whether the payment was accepted or not. Could someone let me know how long it takes before I get notified? I don't want to double pay.

    you can contact me at my e-mail, if there's any questions or concerns. Or I'll just check back here in a bit.


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    Sorry to hear you had problems. A confirmation should received in just a few minutes after your order. When I check the online store, no orders were completed for your email address. It's possible that something went wrong during the order process. Make sure that your web browser is accepting cookies from the online store, but I'd recommend attempting to place the order again and if you still have problems, email me directly at for support.
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    Looks like it worked this time. Thanks for letting me know about the confirmation thing.

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