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Thread: My try at some flowers.

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    My try at some flowers.

    Figured as its "spring" and everyone drawing flowers id have a go ,

    here it is

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hydrangeas are challenging to paint because they are so complex. Your flowers at the top are quite well developed, and your painting would be greatly enhanced by doing the same to the ones below.

    Good on you for your efforts!!

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    Very interesting contrast in approach between the leaves and the flowers. I think the flowers got a little away from you probably because your mind told you it was the star of the picture and so you had to put more effort into it. But from personal experience, flowers can be challenging, especially when you are trying to maintain a shape using white on white or pale colors close in value and the color that is inside is a soft spreading thing. It's an interesting puzzle sometimes.

    However, I'm looking at how you did the leaves and the different variations you did on the veins which went from an attempt to get it like it looks all the way to just overlaying a pattern of segments. Both of those are very cool approaches. I think there's validity in getting the overall shape down and then playing within that shape -- decorating it as it were. Clearly it's not going in the same direction, but it's a valid direction.

    If you put the a similar sensibility to all the shapes of the flower, you could get a very pleasant decorative pic. Or just slow down a little and keep painting until you nail it if you have the interest or patience. That's what I ended up doing when I had something not quite working for me.

    But having said all that, for me doing that was fun, and just make sure it remains fun for you.

    Fun pic. Love the leaves especially, and the overall colors are great.
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    Very good try.I like the colours.

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    Thank u all , for ur comments ,

    D Akey,

    Love it , how u got all that out of the painting .Its exactly how it went .

    The flowers were big challenge , as they have so similar colours and i dont know how to get there borders right .
    Then the leaves i was bit hesitant to do them in oil , and started with airbrush and when they were finished , i didnt feel like trying to get them better with oil .
    But all in all , it was a good test and my patience starting to improve with every painting .


    Im glad u recognised the flowers , but yea i should of put , a bit more work into it .

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    Try is quite wonderful.
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