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Thread: About Full 2.1 Installer and Rotate Problems

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    About Full 2.1 Installer and Rotate Problems

    On Windows XP SP2 with an Intuos 2:

    1) Will there be a full 2.1 installer so you don't have to patch your previous version? When you've just wiped and redone your system and want to get all your apps installed, it's nice only having to run one installer.

    2) I like the new Spacebar move functionality. Works much better with a tablet than the previous methods since I usually just use the pencil and would like move and rotate to always switch back to that tool after use. There is one problem with Rotate, though. I was trying to set the two side buttons on my Wacom to Move and Rotate, but was unable to set one to Rotate.

    The SPACE + ALT -> LEFT DRAG shortcut listed in the release notes doesn't rotate, but selects a color from the canvas. SPACE + ALT -> RIGHT DRAG does rotate, but then you can't hold down a button on the stylus and drag with the tip since that would be a left click.

    Also, ALT + SPACE is already mapped to the default system menu for the ArtRage window, so it can lead to annoyances if you don't remember to click SPACE first.

    And, finally, my Wacom properties applet doesn't seem to let you set SPACE + ALT as a keystroke combination for a stylus button. ALT can only be used as a modifier for a second key.

    Apart from those little problems, the update is working great.

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    Hi zw,

    We don't currently have the full installers available for download from our website, we tend to have people get their installer when they purchase ArtRage 2 from our Kagi store. On our site we will continue to do a patch file for Windows that will update any version to the latest, so a single download should always have you up to date. The system we have been using for Macintosh patches has not so far allowed us to do a single unified patch ( we're looking into this however ), but there will always be a patch to patch anyone's version to the latest from our site.

    Thank you for the feedback regarding keyboard shortcuts. If you grab the latest patch from our site to 2.11 that will fix the alt+space shortcut and prevent the colour selection from occuring. The left alt will always hit the system menu for the Window when using Windows, however, you should still be able to rotate the canvas and clicking anywhere in the app will dismiss it.

    Hope that clarifies things some!
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