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Thread: Perspective Tool

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    Perspective Tool

    I like the idea with the ruler tool that you can place the center of rotation pin.

    I wish there was a perspective tool that is basically two rulers hinged together with two pins to set vanishing points and a grabber handle in the middle that can be moved anywhere.
    Vertical strokes could be made from a sliding vertical ruler than could be toggled on and off.

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    I have wished for this as well. I also wish for the ctrl + click + drag (straight line) to be capable of being locked in process with another modifier key such as alt or shift so it could then be constrained to a perfect circle at the distance from origin that you added the modifier.
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    this one has a very unique approach that seems to be simple but powerful:

    You can download the app, its free!

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    Do a search for "perspective" and you'll see lots and lots of threads. Unfortunately, none of the various ideas or proposals have been acted upon. The one thing that might work for you is Someone Sane's Perspective Sticker Spray Brush. It works for throwing down lines from a vanishing point quite rapidly.

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    Perspective Guides & Grid Snapping

    I also would like to see a perspective guides & snapping tool in ArtRage. Although the transform tool has a perspective option, having a tool that can to do the work for you would free me up to focus on the forms themselves and get more visually accurate results. This could be a tool like the symmetry tool.

    Here are my suggestions:

    • You should be able to set the horizon line, the station point and the cone of vision (To help remove distortions). The tool should automatically update the perspective view as change any values such as transforms and so forth.
    • This this tool should apply to a group of layers. Thus allowing me to set a different perspective grid for detail regions of my painting/drawing.
    • Automatic snapping option to the prospective view would be ideal. Eg. When you use the transform tool drag perspective lines then move your layer around and it will automatically transform the layer to fit the perspective grid. When you paint more vertically (up to 3 point perspective) the lines snap to the perspective grid.
    • You should be able to add up to 6 vanishing points. Although most projects are done in 1-3 perspective views, there are times where I may to to do six point perspective.
    • You should be able to add unlimited reference points any where in the grid and with reference lines that you can draw from the reference point. This is useful when working out casting shadows and other lighting effects.

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