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Thread: Features of 3.5.4 missing. Help!

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    Features of 3.5.4 missing. Help!

    Hi there. I just got Artrage 3.5.4 today. I did a TON of research on it before I got it and I knew just about exactly what to expect. The following features that I believe should be part of the system are missing and I'm wondering if it is a settings issue:

    Lock transparency on the layers panel
    Selection tool settings including freehand, magic wand, etc. I can only do squares and they frankly suck.
    A couple other little things like setting specifics, but mainly these two biggies are missing.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I don't get what's going on!

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    The features you mention are specific to Artrage Studio Pro and ArtRage 4. It sounds like you have ArtRage Studio which doesn't have those particular features.

    You can view a feature comparison between the various versions here:
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