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Thread: Layer Group UI is confusing.

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    Layer Group UI is confusing.

    Don't get me wrong. I think this is a GREAT product. It reminds me of Fractal Design's Painter back when it was stable and usable ... before Metatools and Corel got their neanderthal hands on it and ruined it. I have been waiting for a company to come along and basically show them how it should be done. ArtRage is the one.

    One issue I have with it, however, is the way Layer Groups are handled in the UI. I see that others have posted about this before, but I don't think that it has been addressed.

    When Layer Groups are nested, the UI doesn't really reflect it, except for the group's title and end tab. In complex compositions, this presentation can get confusing. If you want this from a coder's perspective, it would be like reading C code without any indentation. It is certainly possible to figure out what group a layer is in, but only by carefully matching opening and end tabs. For example, in the following snap, to me, it's hard to tell at a glance which group the high-lighted layer belongs to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think that if you were to add at least a few pixels of indentation, it would make it far clearer. Besides, the end tag doesn't serve any purpose, other than as a marker for the end of a group, so it's really a terrible waste of screen realestate. With indentation, the end tab can be eliminated. Yes, it's decidedly Photoshopesque, but, short of redesigning the layer ui entirely, it seems like a relatively minor change that would buy a lot of usability. The rest of the UI is so slick and well laid-out. The way Layer Groups are handled feels clunky by comparison, almost like an after-thought.

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    I agree. A little indent would be awesome and easy (i hope) to add.

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    I was just about to create the exact thread.

    I rely heavily on multiple layers and layer groups in my workflow and dragging those unwieldy layer groups can become a nightmare real soon. Perhaps an 'expanded' folder-esque view to organize layers would help. I don't mind spending a couple of extra seconds to go into a 'layer management' mode as long as I can easily see and figure out what's going on.

    Or simpler yet - just the ability to horizontally resize the layer panel (with the resultant layers stacked in a multi-column layout horizontally) would make it easier to visualize.

    Adding to a layer group or dragging layers from one layer group to another is a bit of a hit and miss event with the current interface....

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