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Thread: Is there a way to have my favorite custom brush tools all in one place?

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    Is there a way to have my favorite custom brush tools all in one place?

    Hello fellow Ragers,......there has been one thing about ArtRage that has been baffling me for quite some time now and I figured that I would just ask. When creating my new custom brushes or simply using my favorite presets, frustrates me to think that I cannot create a simple group that contains all of my favorites together for easy access. Currently, it allows for me to create a group but still separates the tools by what the program deems to be their proper categories. So yes, saves my custom tools,....but I still have to go to each different tool set in order to access them.

    What I want is this: Go to a group called, "Togo Tools" and have it contain my favorite ink brush, ink pen, chalk, crayon and marker all together. I can then simply pull from just that group and not have to try and wonder where ArtRage classified them.

    Am I doing something wrong when I'm creating the group,....or is there a workaround to keep my tools all in one group...and not dispersed automatically to their "parent" tool set.

    As an added bonus, would be cool if when using a brush or tool, would be highlighted in the tool presets flyout you know what particular tool is currently in use.
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    Hi Togo,
    In Artrage 3x (No), you are limited to the parent category.

    In Artrage 4x (Yes), after you have made your presets in their seperate categories you can add them to the toolbox in a collection group. You can save and load different collections of your favorite tools. You can also pin and unpin tools from the toolbox to the minimal interface 'workbench mode' bar as well.

    Hope this helps
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    Ok,....this tells me that it's time for v4.

    You just gave me a solid reason!



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    We have a demo you can download at to try out the new features, and you're welcome to email me at if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

    if you have Artrage 2 or 3, you can get a discounted price for Artrage 4 when you upgrade, you can view more information here:
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