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Thread: Rural LS series with another Old Barn

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    Rural LS series with another Old Barn

    Hope ya'll enjoy this one

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Another different view on your old barn series, very nice one. i like that barn color as reminded me i did see once long long time ago. that barn already took off and was built up a shopping mall. now, your painting gives me memories back

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    You are really good at these rural scenes and old barns.

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    Very nice. I am blown away by how you are using color and texture these days, and your placement of shapes. The design components are a real feature of your work now.
    I tend to say nothing about rules in this case because your bending them a little, as you do, really works well and lends it a personal look which is terrific. But there's one spot in this one I will offer a comment, and it's something you may exploit as you design and that is the idea of creating an illusion of distance through the placement of your elements.

    The one spot I'm questioning is the place where the door of the barn and the top of the fence post share the same line. What happens normally when that exists is that it tends to confuse the sense of depth because the mind has to pause and pull them apart and assign them their individual depth. A way to avoid that is to be mindful when you design your composition. The way to fix it would be to cheat the easiest one of the two up or down. The base of the barn would be the most correct and difficult to change.

    So were I painting this and were I to discover this tangent, I would lower the post a little and skew the angle of the top of the post so that the elements are clearly not sharing that line. The fence is irregular because it's old and falling down, so it would never be questioned were it leaning farther or lower or splitting or whatever. It would still say 'old farm'.

    Artists run into this kind of thing all the time so we get handy at quickly fixing tangents.

    Having said that, I really am bowled over by your personal look you're developing and the success you've displayed in your paintings for a while now. Again, well done SEMD!
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    Nice job on the scene! The same thing struck me right away that D Akey pointed out. It kind of makes the barn look like it's attached to the post. Of course we know it's most likely not. Barns are great subjects!
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    It's great, but I do agree with the others. Just extend that centre post up into the shed so you break that line. I am also troubled a bit by the blurring you have used on the barn. The trees and even the clouds behind are crisp and clear, and the barn in front is not. Your truly wonderful 'naive' style would really benefit from everything being crisp.

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    Love these barns

    Used to live around the corner from a lovely old barn. The fields around it were marvelous in every season and then a little foal was born there and I got to stop and pet it. I saw the foal and the mare out every day . My affections for the pair and the barn are a lasting memory. No wonder I love such scenes and you have done a very nice job of it.

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    Another wonderful barn scene, Steve

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    I share everyone's enthusiasm. And I some of the feedback I think could give the painting a lift if you wanted to give it a shot. The posts you've been making recently in this style, this one included, are a terrific direction.
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    Nice place to remember Steve, love the colours.

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