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Thread: Storm Over The River

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    Storm Over The River

    Had a computer mishap so I've been reloading things, did this one to see if Artrage was still working. And yes I'm still copying the Hudson Bay School.
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    Pretty cool, F-P. Sorry about the computer. Hope you're feeling well.

    I am not sure which Hudson Valley pic this is, or if it's just inspired by. . . but I would recommend that if anything you mind your values foremost and that supported by color temperatures. I can see you are sort of there with your overall impression of the full painting. So if you want to really grok Hudson Valley, the next step would be to start working on subtlety. I can see you are aiming at 'Majesty' through expanse and lighting and atmosphere.

    Take your time and really get in there and look at a good copy and match it precisely, as much as you can, until it becomes second nature to you. It's analogous to learning a song for the effect the original artist got. Many of us are taught on the guitar to play something new slowly one bar at a time and then speed up.

    The people who are fixated on speed painting do so for various reasons, whether they are looking for work as a production artist, or have a super tight schedule, or have no patience, or are curious what would happen eliminating fretting over details. All that is good in so far as it goes. But it's generally not the ideal way to learn if you don't already know what makes a painting tick. Painting fast doesn't teach one how to paint better, just faster and what steps they can eliminate to get faster. And there are styles which lend themselves to speed. Hudson Valley, as originally painted, isn't one of them, though speed painters can be inspired by the effect those painters got.

    If you take your time, once you start connecting it all up you'll find yourself really seeing what's there that makes it work for distances and atmosphere and color and amount of detail in the brush strokes etc. And then you can start eliminating what is less necessary because you have all the understanding in front of you.

    I mean this is groovy but general, many bits working for you while some elements are missing for what you appear to be after.

    But there's real gold in those streams for the taking if you get in there with your pan, prospector. There are styles where that's appropriate, and the gorgeous atmospheres of the Hudson Valley school are generally polished and patient.

    This painting is pretty decent and a nice stretch. Go man go.
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    Wonderful colours in this painting

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    Beautiful golden color and also looking up that Hudson Valley and river too. So beautiful and I also imagine there's storm over it. Your paintings are getting painterly. I really like it

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    I hate when I have to restore a computer to it's previous state or transfer to a new one. Your never sure if its all there.
    Nice painting Fraser! You picked a nice subject!
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