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Thread: Card for #2 butthead

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    Card for #2 butthead

    My youngest daughter is 21 today, I have a full bottle of Valiums so I'm set. I posted my other one's card so I just decided to post this one too. I must admit there isn't much AR in it, just a touch up here and there. Her interests are horses, Camaros, her dog, and of course... I choke to say it, boys. I composited a card for her and fooled with it a bit.
    Ironically, I was all excited about getting that copy of Photoshop 2 months ago but I still prefer my open source Gimp.
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    Yes, it's kind of dopey but it was done lightheartedly.
    Sorry if I posted something not done in AR, but I did use it a little.

    The last time I kept an open mind,
    my brain fell out and the dog grabbed it.
    Now it's full of dirt, toothmarks, and dog slobber.
    No more open minds or dogs for

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    Actually, except for pulling elements out of a photographic image, ArtRage does that sort of project very well, and, for pinching bits of a photograph, the Topaz masking tool is hard to beat.

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    Funny enough the youngest of my two kids, my daughter, is 21 today as well. Cheers!
    Be well,

    "Teach, Learn, Thrive"~DM

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    Happy Birthday to your daughter, she will love your card!

    My middle one's 40 in 2 days. There's a milestone for her .... and for me!

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    I'll bet Butthead #2 will be delighted with your card

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    To whom this may concern: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    And she'll have fun fun fun now her daddy took her t-bird away. . . since she's a camaro kinda gal.

    Fun card. (I would have suspected she was a mustang girl, but to each her own, sez I. . .)
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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