Wow, is this cool? I wonder if you could use this to make your own android app showcase for displaying and to promote selling your art or if it would be good for the magazine? not sure....anyone know? It is FREE. Can someone in the know of android apps let me know what can be done with this program, please.

I. New Program
It is a great idea to present and promote your products with popular Android-powered devices instead of office desktops. Android Showcase App Maker can help you to create an app which can be run on any Android-powered tablet but no programming required. You can use this fantastic software to present your potential customers with your products anytime and anywhere.

Currently, it is under beta testing, we offer it as FREE and want to hearing you. Please tell us if you like it or any advice.
A demo created by Android Showcase App maker at Google Play.
Q: How to test the output APK file?
A: After creating an APK, you can install it on Android Phones or Android Emulators to test with ease! You can view info below about testing an APK on the 2 types of devices:
1. Test on Android-powered Phone:
You just need to transmit your APK file to an SD card as follows: <1> Data line or Bluetooth: copy the APK file to the SD card and install it by connecting your computer and Android phone (Andriod Emulator is the same, only it uses a software to connect) with them.
<2> Web server: create a web server on your PC and put the APK file in one of its directorys, next visit the web and open the downloading webpage to download the APK on to an SD card via WiFi or other Network on the phone (same with Android Emulator).
2. Install Android Emulator to test on your computer: <1> The Android Emulator requires JDK (Java Development Kit), download here:
<2> Download the Android SDK from this link: , and make sure to select the correct version for computer. Once it's downloaded, unzip the package, and run the SDK Setup.exe to get started running Android on PC.
<3> Choose Packages to Install, and then setup an emulator to test the Android on computer. Select the "Virtual Devices", and then click the button "New" on the right side.
<4> Enter a name for the virtualized Android, and select the version of Android from the drop-down menu. Enter number for the size of SD Card and select a screen size from the "skin" select options. Click "Create AVD" then.
Now ready to run Android, select a new virtual Android, and click Start on the right side, scale the display window, and then click button "Launch". Then emulator Android begins to load.
More details in below Manual->Testing App page: