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Thread: Changing print size

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    Changing print size

    How can I increase the DPI setting before starting a work?

    I am doing an art project with middle school students using the artrage app and would like to print their work to display. Thank you

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    Hi and welcome Gjayson!
    Glad to see you thinking ahead here, it is always best to set your dpi from the beginning if you want to print.
    Go to; File > New Painting.
    A dialog window will open for you to setup your new canvas etc…
    AR's default is, as you see in the snapshot, 72 pixels/inch. (I know, it says pixels but for all intents and purposes this is your dpi setting)
    Just type in your desired number and print size of canvas in the other boxes.
    I mostly work at A4 & A3 @300dpi for printing.
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    Hope this helps.
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    I'm not sure if you received the response we sent to your question by email yesterday but you can also find out all about DPI and how to use it in ArtRage by checking out the manual. Use the ArtRage Help (or ArtRage Manual depending on the version you have) option in the Help menu and look at the Working with ArtRage Files section, which talks about print size.
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