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Thread: layer blending

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    layer blending

    I ve been advised to post this question here

    Hi all

    Can anyone help, still on the learning curve, am I getting confused with Painter?

    How can you have two layers - say - and take a brush or palette knife and use it to blend(ie like smudging or trowelling not as in layer mode blending) the 2 layers from top to bottom (or bottom onto top?). Im sure Ive seen this somewhere, can Artrage do this



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    As the previous poster mentioned in the original thread, this is definitely a Painter style action. In Artrage, each Layer is independent of the other, in terms of blending action. If you want 2 layers of paint to physically interact with each other, you will need to merge them first. You can not "non-destructively" blend them together, though you can't really do that in Painter either, as the blending action on the top layer does actually move the pixels around on the lower layer. Painter is basically using two layers to do what AR does in just the one layer.

    Now, you can use Blend Modes to affect how the color and luminosity of one layer affects the layers below it, as you can in Painter or PS, but that sounds like a different action from what you're suggesting here.
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