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Thread: Is this a Bug in the Roller pressure setting?

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    Is this a Bug in the Roller pressure setting?

    Here are the steps I used, and it seems to be something "un-logical"... no?

    Using the roller at 25% pressure ("Thick and Smooth" preset): over a stencil and just the roller. At 25% pressure the roller paints deep in the "valleys" of the paper.
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    And now, changed the pressure at 100%: The roller does not paint in the "valleys", only at the "mountains". That is not the behavior of the real tool, no?
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    Merged down the top layer and continuing with the same roller pressure over the created picture with another color (for better visibility): the roller masks the complete picture
    but only in the "mountains" replacing the "valleys" with white color.?????
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    The pressure setting seems to me to do the contrary behavior then was is in real life... Maybe a bug, or simply a visual inversion ?
    I mean: Hard pressure => soft paint
    Soft pressure => hard paint.

    I am on a MacIntosh (iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 27' screen, MacOS version 10.7.5)
    ArtRage v
    (I have also ArtRage Studio Pro v 3.5.5 who is still installed... but I use v4)

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    This is the intended behavior of the tool. If you use a hard roller, the harder you press the more paint gets pulled off the canvas as it goes. This surpised us initially as well, but was based on tests we did with a roller on paper.
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