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Thread: Artrage 4 tutorials

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    Artrage 4 tutorials

    I'm wondering if anyone has plans to produce any Artrage 4 tutorials about some of the new features such as the clone tool and the gradient editor. I could use some help, especially with the latter. By the way where can I find the crayon tool? Thanks from a new user.

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    Hi Snickelson, welcome to ArtRage.

    The crayon is now part of the Pastel tool. There are two tabs in the settings, one is for wax (crayon) and one is for chalk. Depending on you canvas they may look the same but they blend differently.

    I would checkout the tips and tricks area of the forum for a few explanations and check out YouTube, there are new tutorials going up all the time.

    The Gradient editor is located on page 131 of the ArtRage Manual located in the help menu. You have basically a Primary and a Second color, you can change these colors by clicking in the color boxes by there names. You can add as many colors as you want by clicking the top of the color bar. You will get a new color tab, it is a custom fixed color and you can change its color by clicking in the color box at lower right hand corner of the Gradient editor. All tabs and dots are movable for spreading the color around. The bottom tabs deal with transparency. There are sliders for Alpha and Opacity. If you want to have several tabs with the Primary and Secondary colors you can click on any tab and use the menu at the bottom right hand corner to change from a custom fixed color to the Primary or the Secondary.

    In the Gradient Collection the Basic gradient's Primary color is controlled by your color selection on the color picker.

    You can save your own gradients by using the menu at the top right hand corner.

    I haven't used the clone tool yet but I think it is basically like the ones in other photo editing programs.

    I hope that's some help to you.
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    Thanks for response

    Thanks. I knew there must be crayon setting somewhere. Guess I'll try fooling around with the clone tool. It doesn't look too complicated. I'll go back to the manual and try to figure out the gradient editor. I love watching the video tutorials. A bunch of them are extremely well done. Someonesane's have been very useful. I've had more then a few aha, now I get moments, while watching. Thanks again.

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