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    Vector Tools

    Some basic vector tools would greatly add to Artrage's usefulness and usability. I'm not suggesting that it become a vector application, but the ability to draw editable curves and shapes (as a guide for raster) would turn Artrage into a complete design/illustration package. You could charge double and I would gladly buy it.

    Vector = Good
    Raster = Better
    Vector + Raster = The Best

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    some raster software has vector layers. Photoshop, paint tool sai, illust studio.

    But going vector means creating a whole set of net tools. Instead how can vector be used to compliment the existing tools and brushes?

    Illust studio's approach is to draw your guides as vector curves and then any brush stroke you make sort of snaps to the guides. It makes the process of inking very easy after you've done your job, as all you have to do is start the stroke over the guide you want to use and give your stroke the right amount of pressure at the right times. It also lets you thicken lines easily by just making a stroke along the same guide multiple times.

    Mypaint has a very beautiful and simple approach- you make a straight line and then you bend it. So before or after bending it you can adjust it's falloff at the start end and middle by adjusting a curve. The downside is that you can only edit the last straight line you made. There are no nodes and its not storing the data in the strokes.

    A nice thing about mypaint is though- it has a context sensitive picker. So when you pick , its not only the colour, but also the layer and the brush that was used- they all get picked with one click.
    When you pick the layer, mypaint sort of flashes only the pixels on that layer to remind you on which layer you are and whats on it in full screen, rather than a thumbnail. I say that as an example of it actually storing some data about the strokes that were made. I wish I knew more about python to join those guys, some of the features are incredibly simple to the user but super useful
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