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Thread: Storm

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    I know it's not very good, but it was fun to draw. Before it's pointed out that rocks aren't brown, it's not supposed to be rocks, it's a dirt bank. Sometimes I think I wasted my money buying artrage, but then I'm drawing for myself, not everybody else. I'll never be a real artist but that's just life. I'm having fun and at my age after all the hurts of a lifetime, I'm entitled to spend money for fun.

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    who says rocks aren't brown? have you seen every rock in the world??
    I like this a lot
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    Rocks, dirt, it's your painting. Dark and dangerous with the lightning and heavy clouds. How can you possibly say you shouldn't have bought Art Rage when you're having so much fun ... and improving?

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    Gms, your storm looks great , I'm having fun doing something I like to do and to me that's all that matters . So keep on painting and posting and enjoy yourself , they are a friendly bunch here and don't forget beauty is in the eye of the looker
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    ... this painting rocks ...
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    I find the painting dynamic, full of energy, tension, and movement. The clouds are awesome in their imposing solidity. The dirt bank is very well balanced both for color in the composition, and to give a sense of depth as my eyes are drawn to the clouds. And the subtle brown and green of the porch and grass are VERY well balanced and a surprising touch in this otherwise black and white depiction. There is a lot going on here to make this a fine effort. It's quite successful.
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    Very cool! Love the luminosity being generated and lighting the clouds from within. . . like the mark of God talking in a Cecil B DeMille epic. I really like the drama of this. Strong.
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    This is a fabulous painting Gms! I just love the thunder head cloud.

    And Yes, rocks can be brown. If in doubt who ever told you that should visit the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Bad Lands, and the Wisconsin Dells just to name a few examples of multicolored rock banding.
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    Only the lightning might need some enhancement but the whole is great. And fun is far more important in creation than output, and as so if you look how God made us, you realize that makes him smile a lot.

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