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Thread: Dynamic Stylus Paint Loading

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    Dynamic Stylus Paint Loading

    Just a little idea for the oil brush (or any tool with loading)

    Have a toggleable mode:

    1 when Off use default behavior
    2 when On - All color picking affects the "loading" amount based on a product of
    a. time the user stylus is pressed (on a swatch.. or somewhere on the screen)
    b. pressure of the stylus

    I would allow dragging of the stylus and picking only the first (or last) color touched i.e. no real intensive functionality in dragging (the processing intensive option would be to get an average of colors * time * pressure... to determine both the final color and the loading...but that could slow things up)

    I would also suggest a tiny icon to indicate in real time how much the brush is being loaded, of course users will get the "hang" of it as they get used to the interface. The sensitivity for "dunking" in paint (pressure v loading) should be user settable.

    This would allow variations in loading of the brush simply by how it is "pressed" into the paint being chosen for the next stroke.

    Just a little idea.

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    This sounds quite interesting. Do you have a pic that shows an example of some of some of the effects you'd hope to achieve/replicate in AR?

    I definitely like the idea of "dynamically" changing Loading or the volume of paint applied in relation to Canvas or Layer Textures through applied Pressure. This is a fantastically realistic and dynamic feature of normal painting. This already happens with a tool like the Pencil, but doesn't really work for tools like the Oil and Watecolor Brush, where you have to change the Loading % through the UI, instead of just pressing harder or not pressing harder. This means I can't get a fluid and simple shift between applying a nice brushload of paint or letting my brush "dust" the canvas, while making a single continuous stroke. Is this sort of what you're talking about?
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    That's an interesting suggestion in its own right.

    My suggestion was just about a mode enabling "loading" the brush using an intuitive "how long and hard" you press the stylus on a color that you are picking in a reference, scrap, swatch, color picker etc.

    e.g. whenever you go to "pick" a color : a little tap picks up a little paint (loading automatically set to low %) and longer or harder press picks up more paint (loading automatically set to a higher %)

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