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Thread: San Miguel Misson

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    Very, very beautiful graphically styled rendering of the real scene. The reality isn't simplified, rather perfectly distilled in its essence.
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    Intriguing exploration. I like the relationship visually between the cracks in the dirt and the tree branches. It's all as if you're assembling components, as one might in exploring history or a travel and making notes in a journal. Cool.
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    I have to say you have a unique style on your illustration/painting. I seldom travel or not even travel, and this painting shows me another culture and how you painted in from your "eyes" you see. Beautiful. Love those grey reflection shade and cracks

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    Very elegant - engaging while tranquil. Very nice.
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    I must thank all of you for your kind comments. I am always learning and appreciate the wisdom of the people around me....especially when they enjoy the same thing I enjoy.
    D Akey, yes, I wanted to have a repetition of the lines in the tree and the ground.
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