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Thread: Printers and paper the best choices

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    Printers and paper the best choices

    Hi folks;

    I am seeking recommendations ASAP on a printer and paper for a digital painting workshop I will be doing

    end of July. I have looked at Hahnemuhle papers and the canvas paper looks good. Anyone used their product? Also, looked at a couple high end Epsons wide format range $700 1000. I would love to hear back as I need to get the info to the person writing the grant.

    rage on!


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    Epson Fine Art Velvet is very nice, as is Epson series printers for fine painting. That texture really adds something!

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    I use Epson Archival Matte and an Epson R3000 A3 printer, and the combination of the two give a high quality print.

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