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    Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm very impressed on how you handle updates. To this day I've not encoutered any software developer more keen on pleasing your customers, that being good listeners to what we say on the forums and giving good advise when we struggle.

    2.1 specefic feedback

    Palette knife. Huge improvement. It's still not as sexy as the one in AR1 but now it is atleast useful. Especially working together with the new blend feature.

    Mirror tool. great thing. It would be cool to be allowed to paint on the mirrored canvas instead of treating it just as a regular mirror. But I can see why you chose this way of implementing.

    Blend/Smear - nothing much to say. It works great. Having both drybrush smearing and wetbrush smearing is really nice.

    Background color - Great, we needed that.

    Oversize Brush - very nice. From the little I've tested it it seems to work quite nice and fast.

    Overall this was a much needed patch and I really only have luxury features to add from now on. (remember luxury is also nice to have! )

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    Thank you!

    Always nice to hear what everyone thinks of new improvements. I think the suggestions and feedback we've had from everyone who's contributed had certainly been extremely useful to us as we worked on ArtRage, we've appreciated it a lot!
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