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Thread: An incredible resource - Artrageus magazine

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    Thumbs up An incredible resource - Artrageus magazine

    Having had a good read through the latest issue, I wanted to flag up to all forum members and visitors the amazing wealth of resources contained in the latest issue of ArtrageUS magazine. Don't forget that back numbers are also available for free viewing/download.

    As a total beginner at art and Artrage, I have found this issue very inspirational and informative. The list of links to other useful sites and posts is worth the tiny donation that is requested. Then there is a tutorial, great interview, amazing art to browse. A veritable treasure.
    Of course you can read the mag without paying a penny, but it is so easy to donate the $1 that is requested. Bobbyray is not getting paid for this, the money will go towards prizes and necessary software.

    He has been very sensitive and gracious about requesting donations. But I am happy to give my recommendation for this wonderful resource he has lovingly put together, with the help of contributors. If all of us who value the information and inspiration in this online magazine put just a little into the donation pot, it would soon add up to a healthy working fund. After all, how much would a cup of coffee cost in a coffee shop? Far more than a dollar!!! And we wouldn't think twice about paying for that!

    Bobbyray doesn't yet know I am writing this. I know there are a few Ragers who have already chipped in. I just want to promote this excellent resource and add my gratitude to theirs.

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    I'll second that.

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    I totally agree, the magazine is fabulous. Well done again to Bobbyray and the team
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    Thumbs up Thank you

    Hi Ragers,

    Thank you for the promotion Grayflo.....and to Coops too!

    I am wondering something. Are the Ragers promoting our magazine and ArtRage on their websites? Social sites and such. ?????

    ArtRageUS Magazine promotes ArtRage and its artists so why not add a link to both on your own personal website? Good idea? Hey lets do our part to help the guys at ArtRage by supporting them any way we can and our magazine. We can if we choose to and it is easy to do. If you love ArtRage (and I know you do) share the love with all that you can.

    What does ArtRageUs Magazine do for us?
    Featured artists interviews
    Artworks from all Ragers (forum and non-forum)
    Articles and Stories from ragers
    Free personal book ads
    Pro level Art contests (awards and cash)
    Art supply book
    Tutorials book
    All versions of ArtRage> ART by Ragers
    New releases of ArtRage and update information
    Art Job and help wanted section
    and more..........
    We have you covered when it comes to ArtRage information and art.
    It is all FREE for anyone to read and enjoy.

    We have a world-wide Readership so remember, you can help too. We are volunteers.
    How can you help? Support us with a donation and post our links on your website. Get the word out on the net world-wide.

    Don't forget we at ArtRageUS Magazine need your help to meet our
    Donation Drive 2013 Goal
    ......please help us with any donation that you can afford even $1 at least. Get the word out, we are here for Ragers and ArtRage. We do our best to keep you informed and have the information you need in hand. We are volunteers. We are Ragers. We are Artists. We love ArtRage and ArtRageUS Magazine is your tool for having ArtRage information and art when you need it.

    Where does my donation go? It goes toward buying new better software and upgrades, website costs and our new Art Contests cash awards. (not in anyones pocket). We are volunteers.

    Thank you for all you do matters to us all.
    Our latest Issue:
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