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Thread: Transition to Artrage 4

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    Transition to Artrage 4

    I've been trying the iPad Artrage app and enjoyed it so much I downloaded Artrage 4 on my laptop. I'm finding the learning curve to be pretty steep. I'm wondering if anyone uses Artrage without a tablet. I don't have one and feel very limited with just a mouse. I do have an adonit stylus for the IPad.
    What tablet would you recommend?

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    Wacom, definitely! Anything else is waste of money.

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    Yes, Wacom here as well; Intuos4.
    I've had no wear problem issues with the tablet surface or pen nibs that some have reported.
    Best feature of the tablet for me when using AR is the Touch Ring, perfect for rotating & zooming the canvas as I work.
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    Wacom Intuos 4. I have just changed the nib for the first time after almost 12 months and I use it a lot.

    You will LOVE it on your computer!!

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    Thanks. Now I'll see what I can afford. Hopefully, my jot touch will work with the tablet.

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    Thumbs up

    Wacom has many different tablets to consider with different pricing.

    You will find one there. Also look on Ebay. Many stores sell there too cheaper.

    Good luck and happy painting

    Oh don't forget ArtRageUS Magazine as a learning tool and for information.
    We make it easier for you.

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    You will get a compatible stylish with your Wacom.

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