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Thread: Is there any way to have a transparent canvas?

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    Is there any way to have a transparent canvas?

    I have an ipad 3rd generation, and I absolutely love this app, however I would absolutely love to be able to have a transparent background. I can't seem to figure out how or if you can have a transparent canvas. I've searched around and people have said you can, but I could be confused with the desktop version. I keep wanting to think the "Cel" canvas is transparent, but when I go to it, it's just a white canvas, and when i save it, its still a white canvas. So any help? Ideas?

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    There isn't a way to have a transparent canvas in the iPad version currently, the opacity functionality of the canvas system isn't active in there. This may change in the future but I can't say when at this time.

    If you have the desktop version you can just save PTG files out from the iPad and make the canvas transparent in there - The painting's canvas is still stored on its own 'layer' to avoid paint being committed to a non transparent layer in the app.
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