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Thread: Bug in the new symetry tool

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    Bug in the new symetry tool

    Hi all,

    I guess I found a bug in the new symetry tool, its easy to reproduce:

    - activate the symetry tool
    - set the number of segments to 2
    - bring up a ruler stencil
    - move the ruker stencil to one side of the symetry tool

    Now comes the part who is hard to describe for me...

    If you set your cursor - lets say with the ink pen - directly at the stencil and move the pen from left to right, you dont need to hold your hand still and the line will be straight anyways because it virtually just slides on the side of the stencil - thus you can produce a straight line even if you shiver your hand.


    your mirrored line on the other side of the symetry tool wont be straigth, it follows the move of your hand and is not taking into account the straight line which was produced by the stencil tool.

    I hope this was at least a bit understandable.


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    Hi Herm,
    Sorry but its not actually a bug I'm afraid.
    The symmetry system will not work with; Rulers, Stencils, Fill Tool, Transform Tool, Sampler Tool, & Text Tool.
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    There are some technical limitations on what will interact with Symmetry at the moment (these are listed in the manual section on the Symmetry tool). We'll certainly be looking at whether we can include more items in the future but Stencils currently don't interact with the system.
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