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Thread: Issue with palette knife in Artrage 4

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    Issue with palette knife in Artrage 4

    The way the palette knife (hard out smudge, or smear...The one above hard wet blender in the presets) works on paint from the paint tubes appears to have changed.

    I can no longer achieve the same textured look that I loved to use. Now rather than spread a thick, textured layer of paint around, it seems to spread the paint finely from the onset, but leaves little round circles of paint than diminish the more you work on them.

    Is this due to pressure sensitivity being added? I am using a Wacom Intuos4.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I don't think we specifically changed the behaviour of the palette knife. Could you send me a small painting with an example in? That way I can see the effect and the settings that are being used and I can see what's happening. Mail it to and we can take a look.
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    Thanks for the reply Matt, it turns out it was a sensitivity issue with my Intuos4 tablet. I increased the pressure sensitivity in the Wacom properties utility and it works fine.


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