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Thread: Importing via Dropbox?

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    Importing via Dropbox?

    Is there a way to import images via Dropbox in addition to the camera roll? Thanks!

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    There isn't currently but we're going to look in to that as we revise the product.
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    Thanks so much! It would be nice to have access to a number of images without having them take up room on our IPads. RM

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    importing via dropbox

    I agree, a way to bring paintings into the ipad ArtRage from the computer would be an excellant addition.

    I have ArtRage on both computer and ipad, my thought was to work on a project mostly
    on computer, but at times be able to work away from home on the ipad. As it is now
    I can work on the ipad, put it on the computer via dropbox, but can't go back again
    to the ipad. Its a shame, otherwise, both good apps.

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