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Thread: Loaded Painting White

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    Loaded Painting White

    Hi new user here.

    When i try to load a painting i made yesterday a white canvas comes up.

    The file says about 7 MB but theres nothing on when i load it.

    Any sugesstions?

    Btw when i tried to paint and save today on another canvas it worked just fine , but still nothing on the first painting.

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    Try going into it via "Recent Files' and still nothing? Doesn't sound hopeful.

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    Unfortunately it sounds like there may have been a problem during save - Did the save appear to complete correctly?

    One thing you can try is opening the painting via Import Image - The first thing ArtRage does when it saves is store a full size preview of the image and if you Import the painting rather than Opening it that preview is read. If the layer data has been damaged by a problem during save, you may be able to recover the full size preview in this way.
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    Thanks guys i think i messed up the first save in some wierd way , with all the others it works just fine.

    A well it was kind of ugly anyway

    awsome program btw

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