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Thread: Sensu Brush and ArtRage on iPad

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    Question Sensu Brush and ArtRage on iPad

    I have the iPad 3 and just downloaded ArtRage. I have a sensu brush/stylus which says it works great with ArtRage. I cannot tell the difference from using the stylus end from the brush end. I admit I am a newbie with all of this. What I do is click on one of the brushes on ArtRage and then use my sensu brush to do the painting. The brush and stylus and even my finger strokes all look the same. Either I am doing it all wrong or the sensu brush isn't any use. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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    From what I understand about the Sensu brush, it's basically a replacement for your finger, it's not a device which supports pressure sensitivity. Some people prefer the physical or more natural feel of their brushes as opposed to painting with a fingertip.
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