We have just released ArtRage Wacom Edition 2.2.10, which fixes a bug that prevented the Wacom Edition from running on Windows Vista.

All users of ArtRage 2 Wacom Edition, which was either downloaded from the Wacom Volito 2 Website or received with the Wacom Volito, can update their copy to 2.2.10 by running the ArtRage Updater.

The updater can be run from within ArtRage by selecting 'Check for updates online' from the Help menu, or double clicking ArtRageUpdater.exe which can be located in the ArtRage 2 folder.

A copy of the ArtRage Updater can be downloaded here if you do not have it.

Please Note: This update is for the Wacom Edition only, users of the standard edition of ArtRage 2.2 will not be updated when running the updater. To see if you are running the Wacom Edition, select About ArtRage from the Help Menu. If there is a Wacom logo, you are running the Wacom Edition. Alternatively, if it doesn't start on Vista, that's a pretty good hint too...