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Thread: Workbench mode and names on the toolbox icons?

  1. Question Workbench mode and names on the toolbox icons?

    Just upgraded ArtRage 4 (amazing job as always!), but I was wonder if there is anyway to have the names of the presets with the icons on the toolbox? I use several stencil presents and on the toolbox with just the icons it's hard to tell what is what (since they are all just marked with the stencil icon). I know if you hover the mouse over them, the names do come up eventually, but it would be a huge sanity and time saver if there was a way to have the preset names up there all the time. Is there any way to do this?


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    There isn't a way to do that, but these use the same tooltip settings as the rest of the application, so you can change the behavior. By default the tooltip delay is 0.5 seconds. If you go to Edit -> preferences -> Interface you can access a 'Tooltip delay' slider. Drag it to the left ( minimum is 0.2 seconds ) to make tooltips appear more rapidly.
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  3. I made that change and it helps a bit. Should save some of my sanity.

    Thanks so much for the help!

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