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Thread: Pai

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    I just finished a phone chat with Pai and she wanted me to say "Hello" to all of you and especially her old friends here. She seems to be well and hopefully will someday return here in person. She wanted me to tell you that she very often comes here to look at the art. I will continue urging her to return to her creative endeavors.

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    Thanks Robert, I think about Pai every now and then. I'm glad to hear she is well and looks in once in a while. I'm kind of like that myself. I come make some posts and leave some comments and then life gets in the way and I'm gone for a while. When you talk to her again please say hi for me. I think she will remember me, she liked one of my Christmas card images so much I emailed her the large file to make a Christmas card from.
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    Great to hear from Pai again. Miss her presence and her comments,as well as her paintings.
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    Pass on my best wished Robert and tell her that we miss her wonderful paintings.
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    Very nice of you Robert to say hi for Pai. Send her my regards. Been a long time. Hope she's well.
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    Thanks for that update, and please pass on my best regards if you speak with her again. She is missed here. Those that know her most certainly hope she has been restored to good health.
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    When you speak to her again Robert, please tell her she is remembered and thought of. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Be well,

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    Good to have news of her, hope she comes back soon, miss her work.
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    Two auspicious events: Robert starting a brand new thread... welcome Sir. And Pai, Pai excess of talent.

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    Hello hello all my Artrage friends, old and new Artragers ! I am Pai Nice meeting all of you again.

    Thanks to Bob and everyone who is so caring to me in all these years while I was fighting with my health. I missed all of you and the beautiful artworks from everyone.

    I am getting ready to start painting again and start from scratch to learn the new program again. Hope one day I can post my art again. Haha..I felt like I am a newbie again. How to install Artrage?

    I am doing well I guess. Just my physical health sometimes stopped me from sitting too long at computer as well as too focusing on small details.

    Now, I am getting ready to get my new version Artrage and it may takes me few days setup my workstation again and installed the progam to start painting.

    Ok, now I want to see more new Artrage 4 paintings to show me how to use it

    p.s. just noticed that i have too many "again" in my message..haha..I think I also need time to start learning how to write properly too :P
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