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Thread: Newbie to Art Rage - Conflicted and my muse is going insane!

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    Newbie to Art Rage - Conflicted and my muse is going insane!


    I could really use some advice on pretty much everything, yet. I recently received a wacom splash tablet as a gift in december, and still two months in and I can't quite grasp the basics. I'm having trouble deciding so many things as the wacom tablet is looking more and more grim. Even after the tutorials and help files and information on the tools - i feel like I can't quite make it a homely tool.

    Currently struggling with:
    - Drawing hair!
    - Getting the little details perfectly how I want them without erasing non-stop.
    - Proportions in drawing people.
    - Zooming for details and pen(cil) sizes
    - Which pencil feels the most natural

    I guess everything just still feels really awkward and I'd post a link on a project that is closest (but farthest, still of all them) to finished but being new I can't. Any help would be great.

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    It's important to understand that, despite having the same names as traditional media, the tools in ArtRage and any other program are not going to be the exact same. What works for one thing, may not work for the other. If you must base your judgement on time, then think back to how long it took you to learn a specific traditional media to your satisfactory, and allow yourself that same amount of time to learn to do it digitally, and be honest with yourself about that time. It may have taken a few months to learn how to use oil paints efficiently, but if those were months spent in art course, where all you did for 8 hours of a day was paint, you should account for that.

    The precision will come with practice. The understanding of art fundamentals... That may be solved with some good books, classes, and even online tutorials.
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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