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Thread: Opening PS Layers into Artrage?

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    Opening PS Layers into Artrage?

    I had some old Painter files which I can only open on a very old machine (Old version of painter).

    I saved them to Photoshop Layered files and would like to get them, layers and all, into Artrage, but all I end up with IN artrage is a 1-layer empty document!

    They open correctly with all layers in PS.

    Is there a way to do what I want to do?

    thank you!


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    Artrage can open 8-bit per channel RGB colourspace PSD files. If your PSD files are CMYK or 16-bits per channel, Artrage won't be able to open them. Could you email an example PSD ( if it's not too large, I should be able to get 15 mb or so ) to I can take a look at it here and see what may be causing the problem.
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