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Thread: Right Click or Press Enter ... ARRGH

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    Right Click or Press Enter ... ARRGH

    Hey guys ... I've been away for awhile and just started a new ArtRage project for the first time in months today, and something's bothering me ... I seem to remember other people have mentioned this but I don't remember where ...

    That "Right Click or Press Enter to show panels" mode ... ARGH!! Is there any way to turn off ArtRage's interpreting a right-click as 'hide/show control panels' ...? Or would that be a difficult option to put into a future version?

    See, here's the thing: I set up most of my art applications (ArtRage, Painter, Photoshop, etc.) so that when I click the front end of the side button of my tablet pen, it enters 'drag-and-scroll' mode to reposition the canvas, and when I click the back end of the side button, it enters 'rotate canvas' mode ... Once you get used to it it's a REALLY fast and convenient way to zip around and reposition the canvas without breaking your stride with whatever tool you're using.

    In ArtRage, the move and rotate canvas 'mousestrokes' are rightclick-drag and option-rightclick-drag. It seems that because of the microscopic sensitivity of the side button or something, as often as not ArtRage picks up a 'hide panels' rightclick trigger while I'm pressing or releasing the side button to move or rotate the canvas, and my control panels are constantly disappearing and reappearing on me as I work.

    So ... yeah ... any way to manage this? I'd be happy enough to just hit the Enter key when I really need the control panels to disappear for a few moments ...

    Thanks a ton, guys Sorry to write such a long email for such a minor problem.

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    Hmm...I turned the crazy button off on my pen. I was accidentally clicking it all the time. On my tablet PC if you hold the pen to the screen for a moment the right click function in essence I can still right click with my pen.

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    Currently, there's no functionality in ArtRage to remap keyboard shortcuts. I believe there are some technical gotchas regarding different keyboard layouts for the various localisations but this is a suggestion we have in our list.
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    Hi Cooner

    Apparently there is a press and hold feature which sometimes get interpreted as a right click. It happens with some pens, especially on TabletPCs. You could try to google 'press and hold tablet' for more information on how to turn it off. Just an idea.

    I had your problems with my pen too when I had the front button set to right click. But I quickly changed it to Erase (and that's just a great setting for me). I used right clicking primarily for canvas dragging, until I read the following (extra) lines in the help file;
    Drag the Canvas: Space + Left Click Drag.
    Rotate the Canvas: Space + Alt/Option + Left Click Drag.
    it works charms since my left arm is steady on ctrl+z most of the time anyways :)

    Happy doodling

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