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Thread: Paper Sizes for Cartoon

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    Cool Paper Sizes for Cartoon


    I have some queries regarding the sizes to take before painting a raster image.
    Are there any standards to what size one should take while doing a small page cartoon or while doing a main editorial cartoons.
    Standards used for magazines, newspapers and website. Can anyone help me in these queries?
    Thanks a lot in advance.


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    I think A4 is a good format for comics.

    I think A4 is a good format for comics. I guess most Eropean comics are printed in the"A" size format.

    I am used to sketch using graphite on A3 papers. Then I ink and paint using the computer on A3 (300 dpi) but scale it down to A4 before publishing. Working directly on A4 at 600 dpi is also a good habit. But A3 at 300 dpi is what I like. Independent comics use a lot of other sizes (like or Galago comics). One favourite of mine is "Frances" and the printed size is 254 mm x 185 mm. But the original artwork must have been twice that size at least and the dimensiones relative to the A format.

    I guess the US standards differs from European and Japanese standards. Internet has no standards as far as I know.

    Maybe somebody else knows?

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    Can this help?

    And following the links at the bottom of the pages:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think A4 is a good format for comics.

    Internet has no standards as far as I know.It will be very best to go with.This will surly be make a very best one with good attractive one.Its will surly be helpful for me too.
    Thanks for sharing here.

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