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Thread: Request a downgrade

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    Request a downgrade

    I ask for a DOWNGRADE to artrage for iPad.
    People don't need unlimited undo and unlimited layers, If u cannot optimize your algorithm of painting engine and even cannot guarantee the fluency of app, you cannot all blame to power of device, you should try to solve the problem and make some limits. And currently, artrage uses TOO MUCH resourse, i havent finished a half of my work, artrage already use 1.1G!!! That's huge. 100 undo steps are more than enough, and based on the situation of artrage, I don't think it should or can afford more than 10 layers.
    Good updates make an app wellselling, I got an app once only less than 3 bucks, with 2 years constant updates, now price at 5 bucks but still in top 10 productive paid chart. At least, app has to worth the price. If it never lags and has something really beats others, you can rise price and people still would like to give the app 5 stars, it's not about price, it's about functionality and usability.

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    As noted in my reply to your support email:

    Limiting undo won't make a difference to application performance, undo is stored locally rather than in memory. Similarly, removing the ability to add layers will not make any difference to speed over a user who simply doesn't add lots of layers to a painting.

    If your installed ArtRage is using 1.1Gb of data in your storage space then it sounds like you have been working constantly for a long period without closing the app down. First thing to do is check how you are using the app: We've heard from some users who aren't creating new paintings when they want to start something new - They just clear layers and paint on the same canvas. This means that the app is still storing undo info for that painting. The easy solution in that respect is to save the painting to the gallery and start a new one, undo is completely freed up at that point.

    If you are starting new paintings and find this is happening, save your painting to the gallery and quit ArtRage then close it from the parked apps bar (see instructions here: The iPad keeps apps open in its storage space after you quit them, we can't avoid that, so closing your parked apps from time to time and rebooting the device can make a big difference to general performance. If you've never actually closed ArtRage then your undo buffer could be taking up that much space, though it's unusual to be so huge. Closing the app from the parked apps bar clears out undo and other temporary data completely.

    We may do a 'lite' version at some point for people such as yourself who don't need the features of the full version, but I don't know when we might look at that.
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    Thanks for that clear and simple advice, Matt. Closing parked apps is something I sometimes forget to do and yet it is elementary good practice.

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