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Thread: Feature Request: Tool History

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    Feature Request: Tool History

    Often when I use tools I like to go back and reuse a previous tool.

    I have a couple of ideas for this:

    1) Shortcut key to add current tool/preset to the history palette.

    2) Automatic. Any brush that is used over a minimum period of time would be added automatically. This could be limited to the last X amount of brushes.

    The panel could be split into two options. On the left is the tool as it was saved. On the right is the same tool but uses the size and colour of the current tool.

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    That sounds exceptional!! Make it a Pod, and we could use it in the Workbench. Basically a super-toolbox, in many ways. This is a very well thought out and very useful idea. Love the additional idea of the second set of settings to the right to switch only the tool and not the color or size. This would be a very good addition.
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