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Thread: keep a layer

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    keep a layer

    If I have a layer with a great sky, for example, how can I keep it to use in other pictures?

    Is it possible to save a layer and call it up later to paste in?

    I haven't been painting for a few years now and haven't used Art Rage for some time. I upgraded from ver 3 this morning.

    So I'm pretty much a newbie although I did play with Art Rage for a couple of years when I was really trying to work on learning to paint.
    My artistic ability is strained to draw stick figures.

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    You can copy and paste layers in ArtRage including their paint data by choosing the layer in the layers panel, then going to Edit -> Copy ( or pressing ctrl + C or cmd + C ), then in your new document go to Edit -> paste ( or ctrl + V or cmd + V ) to paste that layer in as a new layer. I hope this helps!
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    Perhaps this post could help you : .

    I hope it will be useful too.
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