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    Canvas positioner

    Upgraded (as I always do) to AR4 and I love it! Really liking working in Workbench mode. My question is with the Canvas Positioner. If I click on the icon to bring to tool to the screen, the tool itself is locked into place and cannot be physically moved. If I open it thru the menu, then I can move it to where I want on my screen. Why the difference? Can this be fixed? Is it a preference that I am not seeing??

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    Panels you're accessing directly from the workbench are all popup temporary panels. They will appear in a docked location, then disappear when you click off them as this mode is intended to keep your screen as clear as possible.

    However, the standard panels won't do this as they work differently. If you have panels you wish to keep open, I'd recommend opening via their keyboard shortcuts or the view menu. The keyboard shortcut is ctrl ( or cmd ) + alt + C to open the canvas positioner floating panel. You can move them to your prefered location and they should open in that location whenever you reopen the panel.

    I hope this helps!
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